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Urban Cycles X - light electric bicycle for urban riders

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Ride stress-free
Forget switching gears and levels of motor support.
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride
while our smart system does the heavy lifting for you
A product of passion
For busy commuters who need to freely get around the city, we made an e-bike that is indistinguishable from a regular bicycle in terms of weight, design, simplicity, and price.
Power on-demand
The bike detects when you start fighting those pesky hills, headwind or anything that can stress you out during a ride.

It senses your effort and delivers the exact power you need to keep cycling stress-free.
Charge stress-free
Charging your bike should be no more complicated than charging your phone
Take out the battery in under 10 seconds
The battery is seamlessly hidden inside the frame, making the bike look clean. No worries, it can be easily removed for charging.

Our proprietary clamping device has an integrated lock to protect your battery and saddle from theft.
Charge the battery when it's removed or resting inside the frame - you decide
Forget messy power cables - our dock station semlessly integrates into any interior
Just like a good boy, the battery slides into the charging statio so you don't have to search for that power cable hiding iside your drawer.
If you store Model X close to the power socket you can charge it without removing the battery - the frame has a dedicated charging port.
Gates belt drive
Ride fast and stay in control. Hydraulic disc brakes offer high stopping power in all weather conditions.
Puncture-resistant all-rounder tires handle the load and the road. The city may throw you stones, bumps, and craters, but our tires got you covered.
Lights look sleek to brighten the path and keep you visible in the dark. Turn them on and off with a simple tap.
Model X satisfies local regulations regarding vehicles' lightning systems (e.g. German StVZO).
Patented locking mechanism protects your battery and saddle from theft.
Optional Gates belt drive works quietly, never needs grease and lasts up to 30,000 km nearly maintenance-free.
We spent months handpicking the best components and accesories. They are time-tested and mass-produced, meaning reliable and affordable. It also makes the Model X maintenance quick and easy.
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Custom fitted for your needs
Smart & Simple
Focus on the road, not your screen
The streamlined Urban Cycles app displays only what's essential while you ride. A simple glance tells you everything you need to know.
Natural power assist
No need to get out of the saddle. The harder you pedal, the more Model X helps out. It makes hills feel flat and flat roads fun.
Power management
Model X smart electronics manages its power so you don't run out of battery on your ride. The lower the charge, the more careful it is. Model X gets you home.
Gets smarter
Model X will receive continuous updates and features based on your feedback. We're never finished.
Technical details
Main Specs
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